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American Cities

We seek to expand opportunity by promoting effective and inclusive community development practices in American cities.

American Cities Funding Opportunities
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American Cities Program grant dollars committed in 2022

About The American Cities Program

America’s cities are linchpins of socioeconomic mobility and increased opportunity. In many cities, however, access to opportunity is not shared equitably among all people.

This makes our urban centers the frontlines of advancing opportunity including access to quality, affordable housing; vibrant, connected neighborhoods; meaningful workforce preparation and employment opportunities; and reliable public transit. Local leaders and organizations are working across sectors to define challenges, shape solutions and drive catalytic changes that expand opportunity for people with low incomes. Kresge’s American Cities Program is committed to supporting this transformation. We leverage the breadth of the foundation’s national grantmaking programs and the depth of the foundation’s experience built from our work in Detroit. We emphasize on-the-ground community development practice.

Funding Guidelines

We seek efforts that will result in expanded opportunity for city residents, engage the community in a meaningful way, have potential for long-term sustainability or community impact, and have potential for scalability or translation to other communities. We use an array of funding and investment tools to foster change, including project grants, operating support, planning grants and program-related investments.

Program-related investments may take the form of direct loans, guarantees that provide borrowers with linked deposits or other credit support tools. Most of our grants span one to three years. We also convene partners to learn and lead. And when project proposals offer opportunities to advance the goals of multiple Kresge programs, those teams will jointly fund the proposal.

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