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How a grant-funded renovation brightened one early childhood center

March 23, 2023

Before you even meet a student at Detroit’s LACC Childcare Academy, you are greeted with smiles. Some of the students’ smiling faces are printed on bright green rugs that line the hallways and give a glimpse of the kind of joy you will encounter when you step over the threshold…

Several young children are standing around a desk filled with toys, smiling and playing.

Loiter builds community-owned businesses that encourage reinvestment in East Cleveland

March 23, 2023

Alima Samad and her brother Ismail Samad are the co-founders of Loiter, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reconsidering and reimagining a different future for the City of East Cleveland, Ohio, where the siblings were born and raised. Founded in 2020, Loiter focuses on building community-owned businesses that encourage reinvestment in…

A burlap bag of tea sits on a wood table.

Island Press e-book details sustainable, equitable solutions by environmental thought leaders

March 22, 2023

For those who care about sustainability and equity, 2022 brought plenty of good news. The Biden Administration made good on its promise of the Justice40 initiative, which targeted 40% of certain federal investments to disadvantaged communities. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the American Rescue Plan Act…

Cover of the Island Press e-book Resilience Matters

National Public Radio G-2209-292665

With support from the Kresge Foundation, NPR will deliver to the American public critical news, information, analysis, and programming that meets the highest standards of public service journalism and cultural expression that reflects the full diversity of the country.

The Aspen Institute, Inc. G-2209-292664

This grant supports Aspen Institute to launch Higher Education Climate Action, an initiative that will bring together higher education, climate, student, and workforce leaders to develop a holistic agenda to support higher education in taking action on climate change. The initiative seeks to mobilize the higher education sector to more…

Financial Services Stakeholder Project NFP G-2207-292319

This grant enables the Private Equity Stakeholder Project to estimate the costs of private equity ownership, acquisition, and dividend recapitalization of the health care infrastructure in four cities and highlight opportunities for public and private finance models that advance health equity. This collaboration with the Social Investment practice will inform…

Vision Maker Media G-2203-291869

This planning grant will enable Vision Maker Media to partner more extensively with Native community organizations and health specialists to expand the health focus of the Native Youth Media Project, develop Native youth media story development skills and health stories, and address mental health, gun violence, youth suicide, and other…