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Challenges and Opportunities for Strengthening the U.S. Public Health Infrastructure

November 29, 2021

Public health services in the U.S. depend on basic infrastructure such as up-to-date information systems, health professionals who are competent in crosscutting and technical skills, and public health organizations with the capacity to assess and respond to community health needs. This report from the National Network of Public Health Institutes…

Resident-led Montbello Organizing Committee responds to community needs with FreshLo Hub

November 29, 2021

We all have a right to healthy and culturally appropriate food. However, decades of underinvestment in infrastructure and community resources have left residents in many low-income neighborhoods around the country living without any grocery stores nearby. Without these grocery stores, residents are often forced to rely on small markets and…

The image is a drawing of a 8-story gray building with red and yellow trim in the background, with a paved street lined with trees in the foreground.

Four ways equity and low-wealth communities show up in the infrastructure bill

November 23, 2021

Editor’s note: This commentary first ran on Impact Alpha. Read it here.  After years of discussion, negotiation, failed efforts, and disappointment, we finally have a once-in-a-generation bill that will invest in the physical infrastructure of this nation. Now is the moment for impact investors and their partners to take decades…

Miami Workers Center seeks to strengthen tenant protections, suspend evictions

November 23, 2021

Miami is one of the nation’s most expensive cities, with a median household income of nearly $90,000, as compared to about $68,000 nationally. Not surprisingly, the real estate market caters to the city’s wealthier residents, producing a massive shortage of affordable housing that disproportionately impacts workers with low wages. Consequently,…

A woman wearing a black mask stands with a white sign reading "Fight Poverty, Not the People, #Housing4All."

Roundtable: Bridging arts, culture and public policy to design an equitable recovery

November 22, 2021

Roundtable Part II: An intimate conversation with leaders from The Kresge Foundation, the National Public Housing Museum and Design Impact As our country grapples with relief and recovery following multiple crises – from COVID-19 to climate change and a national awakening to racial injustice – what role do artists and…

Rapson: How Kresge is responding to the COVID-19 eviction crisis

November 22, 2021

COVID has left a profoundly painful legacy of loss and grief – one that continues to compound with no clear end in sight. Part of that legacy is the unimaginable mental, physical, and logistical hardships visited on people who are being removed – or who are being threatened with removal…

CCHE Convening: Communities Driving Health & Climate

November 17, 2021

The Kresge Foundation hosted its third annual Climate Change Health & Equity convening, “Communities Driving Health & Climate: From Surviving to Thriving,” November 3-4, 2021. This two-day event brought together all CCHE grantees and partners to explore and share successes, challenges, and best practices around accelerating work at the intersection…

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