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Our Work

We Invest in Cities Through Eight Programs and Practices

Our Approach

Today, Kresge works strategically to find the intersections between eight programs and practices to expand opportunity in America’s cities. We work deeply in places like Detroit, Fresno, Memphis and New Orleans.

We also fund work nationally, to improve systems and advance equitable policies nationwide. We use an array of flexible grantmaking and social investment tools, including general operating support, project grants, planning grants and impact investments.

How We Approach Opportunity

How We Apply the Work

While each program or practice funds work individually, we also work frequently through cross-team collaborations, by funding initiatives (cohorts of partners working on a common work plan), and through internal, cross-department funding teams.


Grants or investments are awarded in a cohort model, often with common activities, a shared learning goal and/or convening opportunities.

Leadership Infrastructure and Funding Team (LIFT)

LIFT uses an equity lens to strengthen our partners’ leadership and the nonprofit sector through capacity-building grants.

Learning & Evaluation

We are committed to strategic learning and knowledge sharing that advance our mission and the fields in which we work.

Focus Cities

Kresge works nationally and with a special focus in certain cities.

Focus Cities Detroit


Programs: Detroit, Education, American Cities, Health, Human Services, Social Investment Practice

Kresge’s hometown has always been central to our work. Our current efforts center on equity and neighborhood revitalization.

Focus Cities Memphis


Programs: Detroit, American Cities, Health, Arts & Culture, Social Investment Practice

Since 2015, we have worked with local leaders to translate lessons from Detroit to Memphis and advance equity.

Focus Cities Neworleans

New Orleans

Programs: Detroit, Education, American Cities, Health

In New Orleans, we seek to expand urban opportunity and address challenges in a great city that is kindred to our hometown of Detroit.



Programs: American Cities, ARTS & CULTURE, EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, Social Investment Practice

Since 2018, we’ve sought to expand equity and opportunity by funding cross-sector planning and collaboration, community and economic development, community organizing, and advocacy.