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Which Future for Human Needs and Human Services in Cities?

Human Services

The human services sector supports human progress and needs, including child and family stability, aging issues, behavioral health, and housing. What will these supports look like in 2030 if there’s another Great Recession? What will be the impact of the rise of the gig economy, AI, automation of jobs and “abundance advances” that lower the cost of living? Will a widespread attitude shift to support equity and inclusion, universal health care and basic income increase support for services? The Kresge Foundation and Institute for Alternative Futures have worked with the human services community to explore these forces and develop scenarios to help leaders and stakeholders better understand what might happen and better create their preferred future.

At a panel at SXSW Cities Summit, Michael Shaw, Clem Bezold and Molly Cox shared how you can think like a futurist and what’s ahead for human services community in cities, including San Antonio. These are the slides from their panel.

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