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Expanding opportunities in America’s cities
Climate Change, Health & Equity Mobilizing equitable climate action from health care institutions, health practitioners and community advocates in ways that reflect the needs and priorities of low-income communities in America's cities.
The Climate Change, Health & Equity initiative includes three distinct but aligned strategies aimed at:
Building the Capacity of Health Institutions
Transforming Practitioners
Strengthening Community-Based Leadership

Building Capacity of Hospitals, Health Care and Public Health Institutions

This strategy of the Climate Change, Health & Equity initiative builds the capacity of hospitals, health care systems and public health institutions as leaders in promoting climate resilience and advocating for beneficial climate policies. Our work with hospitals and health systems focuses on reducing emissions, inspiring leadership to promote environmental sustainability, and partnering with communities to build resilience.  Our work supports local public health departments to be strong actors in building climate resilience with an equity lens.

Current grantees include: CDC FoundationEmerald Cities CollaborativeEssential Hospitals InstituteHealth Care Without Harm and Trust for America's Health

Transforming Health Care and Public Health Practitioners

This strategy of the Climate Change, Health & Equity initiative focuses on engaging professional health care and public health membership organizations to advance climate change resilience policies and practices both within their organizations and throughout their networks. Grant support is designed to reduce climate impacts on health by mobilizing leaders in the field to educate and encourage policy advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. 

Grantees include the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy EnvironmentsAmerican Public Health AssociationEcoAmericaHealth and Environmental Funders Network and Medical Society Consortium on Climate Change

Strengthening Community-Based Leadership

This strategy of the Climate Change, Health & Equity initiative is anchored by a multi-year initiative to strengthen the leadership and commitment of community-based advocates working to implement policies and practices that improve climate resilience and reduce health risks equitably. Projects funded through the initiative will accelerate the adoption and implementation of climate mitigation, climate adaptation and climate resilience policies and programs at the local, regional and state levels that improve public health outcomes. 

Climate Change, Health & Equity Community-based Cohort

In 2019, The Kresge Foundation awarded $1.5 million in grants to 15 community-based nonprofit organizations to advance policy solutions aimed at improving climate resilience and equitably reducing health risks in low-income communities in America’s cities. With this funding, community-based organizations will work with identified partners from other sectors to develop multi-year work plans that address community-defined health and climate priorities. Following this planning phase, Kresge will invite up to 12 planning grant recipients to apply for multi-year implementation grants.

Learn more about our grantee partners here or by clicking on the map. 

Catalyst Miami
Miami, Florida
This grant will help Catalyst Miami work with partners to develop a community-driven policy advocacy strategy that accelerates implementation of climate- and health-related public policy and practice reforms in Miami-Dade County.
Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
Fresno, California
With this grant, the Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability will develop an integrated policy advocacy strategy that promotes public health, community well-being, and climate resilience for low-income communities and communities of color in the City of Fresno and Fresno County.
Environmental Health Coalition
National City, California
With this grant, the Environmental Health Coalition will be able to develop a community-driven strategy to advance and implement regional transportation plans that build climate resilience and respiratory healthimprovements for low-income communities in South San Diego County.
Got Green
Seattle, Washington
This grant will help Got Green and its partners build community momentum and capacity to take advantage of several time-sensitive policy opportunities to improve health and climate resilience in South Seattle and South King County.
West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc.
New York, New York
With this grant, West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc. (WE ACT) will convene a coalition of health, climate change, and advocacy partners and residents to develop a community-driven roadmap for equitable policies and resource allocation to reduce vulnerability to climate-change related extreme heat and the urban heat island effect in northern Manhattan.
Go Austin Vamos Austin
Austin, Texas
Go Austin Vamos Austin and its partners will use this grant to build their capacity to drive equitable community planning and investment to decrease chronic health disparities and improve economic and climate resilience in Southeast Austin.
Brooklyn, New York
This grant will enable UPROSE to develop a Green Resiliency Industrial District (GRID) that will promote climate resilience and community health in land-use planning and implementation in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Partnership for Southern Equity
Atlanta, Georgia
This grant will help the Partnership for Southern Equity build the capacity of residents with low incomes in Southwest Atlanta to advance more equitable climate and health policies through PSE’s Just Health Circle Project.
Homewood Children's Village
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This grant will enable Homewood Children’s Village to support community engagement and implement policy changes that advance climate, health, and equity across three communities in Pittsburgh.
Eastside Community Network
Detroit, Michigan
This grant will enable the Eastside Community Network to build the capacity of residents on the Lower Eastside of Detroit to develop a climate health agenda that advocates for more equitable climate and health policies and investments.
Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
This grant will enable Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles and its partners to create a community-driven, city-based strategy to establish a new Climate Emergency Mobilization Department in response to the climate crisis and local toxic exposure in Los Angeles.
Coalition of Communities of Color
Portland, Oregon
With this grant, the Coalition of Communities of Color will convene key climate justice and health equity partners to guide the implementation of the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, a new fund that directs annual investments to clean energy projects that communities deem necessary to improve climate resilience, address environmental racism, and improve the health of communities most vulnerable to climate change.
Coalition for Environment, Equity and Resilience
Houston, Texas
This grant will enable the Coalition for Environment, Equity and Resilience to build the capacity of low-income communities of color in Houston, Texas to advocate for more equitable climate and health policies.
Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts
Springfield, Massachusetts
This grant will enable Partners for a Healthier Community (d/b/a Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts) and its partners to develop and implement the Springfield Climate Justice Initiative.
Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative
Boston, Massachusetts
This grant will enable the Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative to build the capacity of low-income residents of Boston’s Fairmount Rail Corridor to advocate for more equitable climate and health policies.

National Program Office

The Institute for Sustainable Communities serves as the national program office for the planning phase of the community-based strategy of the Climate Change, Health & Equity initiative. ISC's mission is to help communities around the world address environmental, economic, and social challenges to build a better future shaped and shared by all.

Evaluation Partner

Ross Strategic is a consultancy that supports government, philanthropy, and non-governmental organizations to launch, improve, evaluate, and refine programs and collaborative initiatives that address public health, environmental, energy and natural resource challenges.

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