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CCHE Peer Learning Resources

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A core strategy of the CCHE initiative is to facilitate peer-learning and network-building opportunities among our grantees. In addition, we provide technical assistance and capacity building support to build a community of practice among grantees and project partners to help accelerate innovation and promote equitable solutions that improve climate-resilience, reduce health risks and advance racial justice.

Below are links and resources from CCHE grantee convenings, peer learning sessions and webinars, as well as initiative learning and evaluation.

Grantee Convenings  

December 2022

2022 Peer Learning Session: Celebrating Wins and Successes Presentation  

2022 Peer Learning Session: Celebrating Wins and Successes Recording

End of Year Peer Learning Grantee Presentation

November 2021

Communities Driving Health & Climate

March 2021

The Time is Now: Reshaping the Systems and Institutions that Intersect with Race, Health and Climate Justice

February 2020

The Urgency of Climate & Health: Building Power to Create Equitable Change

CCHE Messaging Framework

CCHE Message Framework

CCHE Messaging Toolkit 

CCHE Script Example: Live Well Springfield

CCHE Script Example: Catalyst Miami

Peer Learning Sessions and Webinars

July 2022

Developing Strong Climate and Health Equity Metrics
Using data and measurements that center the communities affected by climate change is critical to advance strategy and policy recommendations. At this session, Go Austin/Vamos Austin (GAVA), the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) and The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health shared several considerations and challenges for developing data and metrics to inform their work. 

MAY 2022

Federal Policy and Federal Investment Driving Community Action
Speakers engaged in a deep dive conversation around Justice 40 and best practices on community centered infrastructure development to advance health and equity driven outcomes, all within the context of the historic federal investment included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

February 2022

Shifting the Narrative Findings Session
Metropolitan Group presented findings from testing draft messaging with external stakeholders as a part of the development of the CCHE narrative and messaging guide.

November 2020

Building Multi-Sector Partnerships
This session hosted by Metropolitan Group on building multi-sector partnerships included a discussion on what to look for in a partner, how to build relationships of trust, share power, and scale-up successful partnerships. The session also included both share-outs from CCHE partners as well as larger group insights.

June 2020

Climate Change, Health & COVID-19: Managing the Co-Occurring Crises
Speakers: Cecil Corbin-Mark of WEACT; Veronica Garibay of Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability; Dr. Cheryl Holder of Florida International University; Carmen Llanes Pulido of GAVA; and Vernice Miller-Travis of Metropolitan Group.

This session explored how CCHE grantees and partners are navigating multiple crises and pushing to accelerate equitable policies and practices that have been at the core of their agendas for years.

April 2020

Navigating Community Organizing and The Digital Divide
Speakers: Ash-Lee Henderson, Highlander Center, Chanelle Matthews and Fresco Steez of Culture Society.

This webinar with the Highlander Center included information on how to organize in this moment and outlined some innovative strategies and platforms that people are using.

CCHE Peer Learning Call – Shaping and Driving Key Messaging around the Intersections of COVID-19 and Climate Change
Facilitators: Rob Sassor and Vernice Miller-Travis, Metropolitan Group
Speakers: Elizabeth Sawin, Climate Interactive and Makani Themba, Higher Ground Change Strategies

This session included a facilitated discussion that highlighted key messages that are currently in play on the intersections of COVID-19 and climate change.


September 2021

Story-based Strategy Intensive
Facilitated by the Center for Story-based Strategy, this intensive workshop was designed for CCHE grantees to deepen narrative strategy skills through a combination of training, coaching, and peer collaboration.

Initiative Learning & Evaluation

Initiative Theory of Change

Project-level Theories of Change

Final Report from CCHE Developmental Evaluation (2018-2021)

“Reflections on Cross-Strategy Activities and Progress Notes for Strategy 3 Grantee Partners,” Learning Cycle 1 memo (January-May 2022)


CCHE Grantee News Clips