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Kresge Arts & Culture Program Brochure

A summary of the Arts & Culture Program, its premise, approach, and focus areas: Increase Creative Capacity to shape healthier neighborhoods Catalyze Creative Change in cities Strengthen the Equitable Creative…

Arts & Culture

Next City’s “22 Best Solutions of 2022”

The change we want to see is already happening in many cities around the world. In Next City’s “22 Best Solutions of 2022,” learn how community leaders are implementing creative…

Arts & Culture

Creating Healthier Places with Art and Artists

Leaders value equitable policies for improved well-being in communities. With new funding available at all levels of government, now is the time to build on the proven practice of creative…

Arts & Culture

The Power of Arts and Culture: One Water Partnerships for Change

The water sector faces increasing challenges across the nation — from aging infrastructure and emerging contaminants to water equity and climate change. However, sector leaders have an opportunity to step…

Arts & Culture, Environment

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