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FreshLo graphic recordings from Cleveland Convening, August, 2016

Arts & Culture, Health


The nexus of food, culture and community connections is illustrated in the “Welcome” artwork, with nourishing and nurturing themes.




Conveners were asked how they “get fresh.” Cooking was a theme among answers that ranged from the intense (skiing) to the sedentary (sleeping).


Storytelling across diverse platforms is a critical way to tell the story of community and the power of food and art to invigorate neighborhoods and cities.




The Kresge Foundation’s unique approach to the intersection of food, culture and art aims at system change from the community level on up. 



Residents must have a voice and influence in how their communities look and feel. Without engagement, decisions are forced on neighborhoods and not with neighborhoods.



FreshLo aspires to give communities resources, support, evaluation and the space to turn innovative ideas into impactful practices. In the big picture, FreshLo is a movement, not a simple grant opportunity.