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CCHE Outcome Evaluation, Learning Cycle 2: Reflections on Cross-Strategy Activities & Progress for Strategy 1 & 2 Partners

Environment, Health

The Reflections on Cross-Strategy Activities and Progress for Strategy 1 and 2 Grantee Partners report (June 2021 – May 2024) is the second of the Climate Change Health & Equity initiative outcome evaluation. (The first CCHE Outcome Evaluation, Learning Cycle 1 report: Reflections on cross-strategy activities and progress)

It includes reflections on the national field of practice at the intersection of climate change, health, and equity and the progress of hospital, health care system and public health institutional grantees, as well as health care and public health practitioner grantees, based on key informant interviews, meeting observation, and secondary data from August 2022 – February 2023.

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