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Focus Area

Nonprofit Capacity Building and Leadership Development

We aim to build a more inclusive Detroit by elevating talented leaders outside traditional power structures and providing residents and nonprofit leaders of color opportunities and resources to shape their city.

We invest to expand their capacity to bring about transformational policy conversations, projects and programs. This includes support for citywide networks and intermediaries, and elevation of opportunities for community voice to be heard.

Detroit’s resident leaders of color and their nonprofit organizations at the grassroots have long been tackling the unique needs of their communities. Nonprofit leaders engage the community and lift up the voices of residents to ensure equitable conversations and development in the city’s neighborhoods. They often coordinate physical or economic development, and many provide social services. We support them with the resources and tools for projects to change their neighborhoods and communities in our Community/Neighborhood Development focus area while in the Nonprofit Capacity Building and Leadership Development focus area, we work to enhance their effectiveness as leaders and as networks of leaders. Our efforts here include Citizen Detroit, which promotes civic engagement through inclusive, research-based means.