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Racial Justice Grantmaking


Behind a $30 million grant commitment in 2020, Kresge doubled down on long-standing racial justice work and supported dozens of new partners across the nation and in the cities of Detroit, Fresno, Memphis and New Orleans.

Strategies for the work

Supporting front-line racial justice organizations

Fortifying resident-led change

Strengthening neighborhood economies

Integrating community systems and supports

About our Racial Justice Grantmaking

In a sweeping pledge to advance its long-term commitment to equity and opportunity, The Kresge Foundation announced in November of 2020 a $30 million grant commitment to support racial justice organizations working in cities across the United States. With initial investments in nearly 60 local and national nonprofits, Kresge seeks both to support national organizations working to advance racial justice and to strengthen the ability of community-led organizations in Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis and Fresno to confront racial inequities in-place.

This commitment to racial justice is enduring, and we at Kresge are standing with racial justice organizations as they translate mobilizing, marching and messaging into tangible progress. These new grants and social investments seek to ensure that racial justice activists and leaders have sufficient resources to make the lasting changes needed both nationally and in communities across the country. The scale and scope of this grantmaking suite underscore Kresge’s belief that the Foundation’s efforts to fulfill its mandate – expanding opportunity in American cities – requires directly addressing longstanding and insidiously persistent systemic racism and inequality. By adding to the Foundation’s existing portfolio of anti-racism efforts, these grants represent a sharpened focus and intensification of the Foundation’s longstanding racial justice and racial equity grantmaking work.

Staff from across the foundation collaborated to bring this work forward.

A group of people with criminal records listen to instructions on how they're going to turn their records into new paper as part of a workshop with Detroit Justice Center and the People's Paper Co-op. Participants used the new paper to write essays about what their lives would be like without their records.
A group of Detroit Justice Center and The Bail Project staff and Interns celebrates Father's Day with our clients who had been bailed out so far that year through the Detroit Bail Fund.
Civic engagement and voter registration are important tools for striving towards racial justice.
Recognizing the power of the CEO-to-CEO format to boost growth, in 2020, Good Work Network launched The GatHERing, a CEO roundtable for women entrepreneurs focused on growth.
seven individuals standing on a sidewalk, wearing masks under a tree, with three people holding drums and one holding a sign that reads fight for the things you care about
CAIR Central California stands with local community members to demand that Black Lives Matter! As Muslims, we demand justice for Black communities and are committed to work for policies and systems change that support racial justice and equity.
Hmong Innovating Politics volunteers get ready to canvass neighborhoods in Fresno and speak with community members about important issues.
VAYLA staff convening on Election Day to conduct exit polling of Asian American voters in New Orleans East.
Congratulations to Angie, who recently received her lawful permanent residency ("green card") -- Angie had this to say when she received her residency: "I want to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to receive my permanent residency card. I can finally achieve my dreams of becoming a nurse like I've always talked about. Thank you."
Participants of SEARAC's 20th annual Leadership and Advocacy Training learned how to harness the power of their lived experiences and effectively advocate for change in their communities in meetings with their elected officials.To date, LAT has graduated more than 1,200 advocates.

Racial Justice Grantees

Racial Justice Grantmaking Resources