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Fostering Urban Equitable Leadership (FUEL)


An initiative to support the talent and leadership development needs of our grantees with a specific focus on racial equity. Together, we’re working to create stronger senior teams, stronger mid-level talent, and more diverse talent overall in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. 

What We Support/Key Strategies

Leadership Training and Workshops With a Racial Equity Lens

Scholarships to Attend Professional Development Programs

Cross-Organizational Cohorts Focused on Strengthening Grantees’ Ability to Develop More Equitable Practices

In 2016, Kresge’s Leadership and Infrastructure Funding Team (LIFT) launched the FUEL program in partnership with Community Wealth Partners. This program places a specific focus on racial equity to support the development of stronger senior teams, stronger mid-level talent, and more diverse talent overall.

Due to the success of the 2016 FUEL pilot program, Kresge launched a second FUEL cohort in 2019 and a third and final cohort in late 2022. For each cohort, Kresge worked with Community Wealth Partners to survey grantees to learn more about their talent and leadership development challenges.

Kresge used these insights to work with several talent and leadership development organizations to design customized services that addressed grantees’ needs. The selected providers offered best-in-class leadership and organizational development training and consulting services. Each provider also integrated a racial equity lens into its offerings with the goal of helping grantees improve their ability to pursue equity-minded talent and leadership development.

Download a case study from Grantcraft to learn more.

Fostering Urban Equitable Leadership (FUEL) Resources

The Kresge Foundation’s Talent and Leadership Development Efforts

This case study from Grantcraft examines key aspects of Kresge’s Fostering Urban Equitable Leadership program (FUEL), including reasons for creating the program, services offered, a recap of the program’s first year…

Leadership and Infrastructure Funding Team

Fostering Urban Equitable Leadership (FUEL) Partners

Community Wealth Partners

CWP partners with nonprofits and foundations to create, implement and evaluate strategies, and learn what works in pursuit of their missions.