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Equitable Climate Resilience for U.S. Local Governments

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) has released findings from a two-year study on how cities can better address social inequities in their climate resilience planning. Throughout the…


Advancing Climate Resilience and Mitigation at Essential Hospitals

In a new report, Essential Hospitals Institute shares findings from the second phase of its climate resiliency research funded by The Kresge Foundation. The institute is the research, education, dissemination…

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Climate Change, Health & Equity Message Framework

The Kresge Foundation—in partnership with Metropolitan Group—developed a message framework to respond to needs expressed by its Climate Change, Health & Equity (CCHE) initiative grantees for suggested messaging to advance…

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CCHE: Reflections on cross-strategy activities and progress

Learning Cycle memos periodically bring forward learning and insights for consideration and use by Kresge’s Climate Change, Health & Equity initiative team. This Learning Cycle memo, “Reflections on Cross-Strategy Activities…

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