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The Free College Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide to Promise Research


Translating more than a decade of research into actionable strategies, the Free College Handbook: A Practitioners Guide to Promise Research is designed to help understand how reducing college costs can simultaneously help students and the places they live. Funded by a Kresge Education Program CoPro 2.0 grant, the resource is the product of collaboration among a diverse group of 12 researchers representing 10 institutions, led by project co-directors Michelle Miller-Adams of the Upjohn Institute and Jennifer Iriti of the University of Pittsburgh.

The handbook is structured around 24 questions and provides a three-part comprehensive review of the College Promise landscape’s arc, while being future facing:

  • Part 1: Rationale for Promise Programs
  • Part 2: Building a Promise program
  • Part 3: Designing for success
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