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Receiving Community: Building Inclusive Places That Mitigate Climate Gentrification-Driven Displacement


Climate change impacts are changing conditions in communities worldwide, increasing incentives to live and work in some locations, and decreasing incentives in others. This is causing ripple effects across global, national and local markets. As people of all demographic groups gravitate toward locales with comparatively lower risk to climate impacts (receiving communities), they will drive economic growth and development. Local governments of these receiving communities and private interests will be challenged to ensure such growth and development is inclusive, equitable and minimizes gentrification-driven displacement.

This report by the Urban Land Institute examines the emerging topic of climate gentrification and aims to help public officials, developers and investors understand how to revitalize, protect and preserve existing communities as they grow and change to accommodate climate migrants fleeing from disaster-prone areas. You can join ULI at 12:00 p.m. ET on Sept. 22, for an informative webinar on climate gentrification, the phenomenon characterized by real estate investment and spiking prices in areas with lesser risk to climate change. Register for the webinar.

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