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An Evaluation of Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit ROUNDS 1-3: 2015–2017


Launched in 2014, Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit (KIP:D) has made six rounds of grants to date, 127 grants in all, across the city to plan and implement transformative neighborhood projects that reflect residents’ priorities. The initiative has distributed $11.1 million to organizations, complemented by $1.5 million in technical assistance. This evaluation of the first three rounds of projects was conducted by the University of Michigan School of Social Work’s Program Evaluation Group (PEG) and commissioned by Kresge’s Department of Strategic Learning, Research and Evaluation and Kresge’s Detroit Program, which launched and administers KIP:D. The evaluation was based on interviews and group conversations with 45 individuals from organizational partners receiving awards from KIP:D Rounds 1-3 and residents impacted by KIP:D projects in their respective communities. Those rounds distributed $5 million to 40 unique organizations. The evaluation is accompanied by an executive summary and three briefs described below:

Collective Wisdom: Lessons for Organizational Partners
Collective Wisdom: Lessons for the Community Development Sector
Collective Wisdom: Lessons for the Philanthropic Sector




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