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Detroit Future City: Economic Equity Indicators Update 2023


In 2021, Detroit Future City released the ‘State of Economic Equity in Detroit,’ which identified 22 indicators across six focus areas to illustrate inequities throughout the city and the broader metro Detroit region. The report serves as a compass toward a shared vision for economic eqEconomic Equity Indicators Update 2023uity, with the accompanying dashboard and data as tools to track the community’s progress in terms of geographic and racial/ethnic equity.

COVID-19 rapidly disrupted longstanding economic development trends. Data from 2021 reveals the immediate impacts of the pandemic, highlighting persistent disparities across various economic equity indicators. This first post-pandemic update of the report and the Economic Equity Dashboard provides an overview of how these indicators evolved or remained unchanged from 2019 to 2021, highlighting the pandemic’s pivotal role in shaping key equity issues.

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