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A New Paradigm for the Common Good

The philanthropy sector is at a critical crossroads. Even though we live in an era of unprecedented wealth and technological advancements, the world is confronted with vast racial, social and economic inequities. One could say there has never been a period when there was a greater need for philanthropy. At the same time, the value, effectiveness and motivations of philanthropy and philanthropists have never been in greater dispute.

This dilemma raises a question: Does philanthropy indeed pursue the common good? In search of an answer, the Pursuit of the Common Good (PCG) initiative surveyed more than 50 global experts on their perceptions of the common good and philanthropy, including Kresge President & CEO Rip Rapson. Based on first-of-its-kind survey data developed in partnership with Alliance magazine, a report titled A New Paradigm for the Common Good uncovers six broad themes to help achieve global solidarity, social justice, peace, well-being and mutual flourishing. Those themes include:

  • Understanding and pursuing the common good.
  • Factors eroding the common good.
  • The role of philanthropy.
  • Engaging youth.
  • Shifting the paradigm.
  • Regional convergences and divergences.


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