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Climate Justice Pledge wins new commitments, but more funders are needed 


The Climate Funders Justice Pledge, which was launched in early 2021 by the Donors of Color Network, has helped shift $60 million in new funding to climate groups led by people of color.

Nearly two years since the launch, a new batch of funding from Kresge shows how the pledge continues to push committed funders to do even more. Over the past decade, Kresge has tripled its support to BIPOC-led environmental organizations, a testament to a commitment that predates the campaign. Yet that milestone is also, in part, a result of the pledge.

In this Inside Philanthropy article, learn about Kresge’s approach to supporting BIPOC-led environmental organizations and the need for more funders to support front-line movement groups.

Also, view a ranking of the nation’s top environmental grantmakers.