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Shared Prosperity Partnership


The Shared Prosperity Partnership supports local efforts to create more inclusive economies in cities nationwide.

Primary Goals

Engage with Cities to Understand the Most Pressing Challenges to Building a More Inclusive Economy


Elevate what we learn by sharing insights with other leaders to inform the urban practice field

The strength of American cities – and the nation as a whole – depends on generating inclusive growth for people of all races, ethnicities and incomes. Yet even in our most economically vibrant cities, not all residents are benefiting from that growth, resulting in stark racial and economic disparities that are even more extreme in distressed communities. In response, local leaders across the country are trying new strategies to promote inclusive growth. Many are producing positive but isolated outcomes. To deliver on the ultimate goal of shared prosperity, we hypothesize that cities could benefit from additional resources and support, including opportunities to learn from one another, secure unlikely allies, and advance scaled solutions within states, across states, and at higher levels of government.

In that spirit, the Shared Prosperity Partnership – a collaboration of the Kresge Foundation, the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, the Urban Institute, and Living Cities – seeks to support and accelerate local efforts by adding resources and connecting local leadership with national practitioners and researchers. By promoting inventive and actionable ideas, the partnership aims to strengthen existing efforts and inform urban policy and practice, ultimately increasing economic mobility and decreasing disparities across races, ethnicities and genders. At a time of national challenge, the Shared Prosperity Partnership leverages the innovative work of local leaders across the U.S. to offer a hopeful vision for American civil society, economic competitiveness and individual well-being.

Shared Prosperity Partnership Cities

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Shared Prosperity Partnership One-Pager

The strength of American cities—and the nation as a whole—depends on generating inclusive growth for people of all races, ethnicities, and incomes. Yet even in our most economically vibrant cities,…

American Cities

Shared Prosperity Partnership Partners

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

The Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program focuses attention on the vital role cities play as engines of economic growth and global competitiveness.

Living Cities

The philanthropic, corporate, and public-sector partnership was established to bring community-development opportunities and the financial power of mainstream markets to urban neighborhoods and residents.

Urban Institute

The nonpartisan economic and social-policy research institute disseminates its findings to a broad audience and informs community development to promote social, civic, and economic well-being.

Center for Urban Innovation at the Aspen Institute

The Center is a network hub that catalyzes and supports a broader movement to define values-led approaches to developing, piloting, regulating, and evaluating urban technologies.