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Next Generation


Supporting cohorts of nonprofit and public human services organizations through a two-year learning and action program

What We Support/Key Strategies

Advancing Racial Equity

Learning and Action Community

Two-GEneration, Whole Family Approaches

Action Plans That Advance Social and Economic Mobility

Across the nation, human services organizations are working to help people achieve their version of the American dream by advancing the policies, institutions, organizations, systems and services that provide the platform for growth in social and economic mobility.

Through our Next Generation (NextGen) initiative, we support cohorts of private nonprofit and public human services organizations committed to person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven work that advances racial equity and accelerates social and economic mobility using two-generation, whole-family approaches.

During this two-year learning program, participating organizations have the opportunity to learn from one another and from national experts around the country, forming a network that collectively works to transform the sector and to transform lives.

Since we launched our first national NextGen cohort in 2017, the initiative has grown to include a second national cohort as well as cohorts in two NextGen cities, Detroit and Memphis.

Both the national and place-based initiatives seek to identify and partner with organizations and networks that go beyond traditional human services delivery methods and engage families in co-creating permanent pathways out of poverty.

Next Generation Grants

Next Generation Resources