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Fresh, Local & Equitable (FreshLo)


Integrating food, creative placemaking and community to drive equitable neighborhood revitalization.

Core Values


Creative Placemaking


Economic Development

Fresh, Local & Equitable (FreshLo) sought to improve access to healthy food, ignite entrepreneurship, spur economic development and integrate arts, culture and community-engaged design – which we call Creative Placemaking – to spark neighborhood revitalization in cities around the country.

With FreshLo, The Kresge Foundation was the first national funder to intentionally integrate food, art and community to drive equitable neighborhood revitalization.

The initiative built on and enhanced existing community assets and strengths, and uplifted community leaders to ensure that development is led by and for its residents.

Together with our partners, we worked to:

  • Expand economic pathways, increase political capital and improve the health and well-being of people with low incomes in communities that have historically experienced underinvestment.
  • Build an engaged network of community leaders that organizes and advocates for equitable economic development.
  • Create stronger neighborhoods by bringing philanthropy, community and business leaders together to support equitable development in a way that authentically centers local culture and community well-being.
  • Celebrate cultural expression, improve access to healthy, affordable food, and build social cohesion to strengthen ties across groups and create strong, resilient communities.

Launched in 2015, FreshLo provided $8.4 million in grant funding, as well as technical assistance and learning opportunities, to 23 organizations from around the country. This initiative sunset in 2019.

FreshLo Community

Fresh, Local & Equitable (FreshLo) Resources

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Arts & Culture

Fresh, Local & Equitable (FreshLo) Partners

DAISA Enterprises

Serving as the national program office, DAISA provides strategic guidance, manages daily operations, and works with grantees to build capacity.

Learning for Action

Learning for Action is the foundation’s evaluation partner for the FreshLo initiative.