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Advancing Student Transportation Solutions


Helping colleges, transit agencies and researchers identify, address and evaluate transportation solutions for students.

Key Goals

Launch or grow solutions that meet students’ transportation needs

Develop cross-sector partnerships focused on identifying student transportation solutions

Build the evidence-base of transportation solutions on student enrollment, persistence, and completion

Students often cite transportation, a key aspect of the Urban Higher Education Ecosystem, as a significant component of the cost of college attendance and a potential barrier to their success. The College Board estimates transportation costs account for 18% of student living expenses. Most college students are commuters, and students living with low incomes are even more likely to attend college close to home and commute to school.

The high cost of transit passes; misalignment of transit and personal, school or work schedules; inadequate transit lines; and the geographic proximity of transit to students’ housing and work are all barriers that can make commuting to and from college — and achieving academic success — challenging. Addressing transit barriers may help increase students’ ability to obtain a degree.

Grantee partners include colleges and transit agencies that are working to identify, address and evaluate transportation solutions for students.

Student Transportation Solutions Grantees

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