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Expanding opportunities in America’s cities
Fresh, Local & Equitable FreshLo envisions strengthening low-income communities by integrating Creative Placemaking and food oriented development.
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FreshLo grantees across the country are developing innovative approaches to economic development, cultural expression and health through food-oriented development. In 2017, The Kresge Foundation granted $4.6 million to communities to implement projects. Each organization completed a one-year planning phase to address the needs of their community and engage residents in the design of the project in order to receive implementation funding.

Placeful Company, Inc.
Harlem, New York
This grant will support the renovation and revitalization of La Marqueta, a historic open-air market in East Harlem that has deep cultural relevance for the Puerto Rican and other communities. Community-engaged design elements sill help change the narrative of the commercial corridor that houses the market.
Environmental Health Watch
Cleveland, Ohio
Environmental Health Watch and its partners will train youth leaders in food entrepreneurship, culinary arts, neighborhood history and the music business in the Garden Valley neighborhood to increase health food access and economic opportunity for all residents.
Sankofa Community Development Corporation
New Orleans, Louisiana
Sankofa is developing a community-led teaching kitchen where they will provide instruction on growing and cooking food. This approach will help residents make healthier food choices and engage residents of all ages in improving the neighborhood.
Planting Justice
Oakland, California
This grant supports the expansion of food-oriented social justice enterprises -- including an organic nursery and aquaponics operation -- that hire employees returning to the community from prison. The ventures will incorporate workshops, music and artistic expression.
Asian Economic Development Association
St. Paul, Minnesota
AEDA and its partners will create a Community Food Center to serve as the heart of a vibrant network of gardens, restaurants, food-based businesses and art spaces in the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods.
Green Opportunities
Asheville, North Carolina
Green Opportunities will launch the community-designed and governed Southside Arts and Agricultural Center. The public pavilion includes expansion of a community garden, a hub for African American creatives and will feature health and nutrition programming.
McComb Veazey Neighborhood Coterie
Lafayette, Louisiana
The McComb-Veazey Neighborhood Coterie will create a Creole food and arts cultural district that will include local food production, activate public spaces and create new economic opportunities for residents.
Elijah's Promise
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Elijah’s Promise will develop the Mercado Esperanza that will feature local food, vendors and artisans reflecting the Latino community culture in the Esperanza neighborhood. Elijah’s Promise will also support local vendors through an Entrepreneur Academy.
La Mujer Obrera
El Paso, Texas
This grant will help expand social enterprises by increasing farm production of cultural foods, and connecting their farm crops into their daycare, market, and restaurant. They also will develop new opportunities in health education through nutrition and cooking classes.
Partnership for Community Action
Albuquerque, New Mexico
This grant will support development of a social enterprise center with food processing facilities, art enterprises, dual-language early childhood program using locally-sourced food and social support programs clustered in a centrally-located family resource center.
Dream of Wild Health
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dream of Wild Health will launch an Indigenous Food Network in the Phillips neighborhood. The network will produce and distribute traditional Native American foods and improve health, economic and cultural opportunities for residents.
Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
Covington, Kentucky
The Center for Great Neighborhoods will develop projects designed to help residents grow, participate and contribute to the community. This includes fellowships and internships to build residents’ job skills, a Westside Spring Celebration to support local farmers and a tool share program.
City of Providence
Providence, Rhode Island
The City of Providence and partners will develop Sowing Place, a year-round weekly food and arts market in the Southside and West End neighborhoods, that will increase equitable food access, public art and economic viability in the community.
Athens Land Trust
Athens, Georgia
This grant will support redevelopment of a historic African American elementary school into a community marketplace and incubation space for food-based economic development. Local artists will use creative interventions to support cultural activities and storytelling.
Binghampton Development Corporation
Memphis, Tennessee
This grant will help develop a site to support food businesses and provide opportunities for a growing immigrant and refugee populations. It will include a kitchen incubator which will include food skills and entrepreneurship training, and small business assistance.
Focus: HOPE
Detroit, Michigan
This grant will support increased access to local, healthy food reflecting the culture, priorities, and participation of neighborhood residents. Components include food access projects, artists working in community organizing, and collaboration with local gardening organizations.
Inner-City Muslim Action Network
Chicago, Illinois
This grant will help transform a vacant building and lot into a healthy marketplace that will serve as a corner store and community hub. The project will expand access to fresh produce, integrate art and entrepreneurship into community and embed social and economic equity into development.
Rainier Beach Action Coalition
Seattle, Washington
This grant supports efforts to establish a food innovation center, a nutrition-focused health campaign,and community farm stand that engages youth. The project includes a community kitchen, programming and meeting space.
Riverstone Health Foundation
Billings, Montana
This grant will fund key activities including expansion of local gardens and greenhouses, a community-supported agriculture program, health programming for community residents, and neighborhood branding through art and historic tours.
Cooperative Community of New West Jackson
Jackson, Mississippi
This grant will support a comprehensive neighborhood food economy including commercial kitchen facilities, folk art studio spaces and expanded food sales to resident and grocers. It will bolster new market strategies and youth programs at its community-owned market garden.
Riverworks Development Corporation
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This grant provides support for an arts-infused, year-round market and support for small food-related businesses and creative enterprise. The project includes recruiting home gardeners and cooks as potential vendors; and performances, workshops and other arts programming.
Fresno Metro Ministry
Fresno, California
The Fresno Metro Ministry will develop the “What’s Cooking Fresno?” incubator project in the Blackstone Corridor to develop residents’ food business management and entrepreneurial skills. The project also includes the purchase and renovation of an abandoned building.
Montbello Organizing Committee
Denver, Colorado
This grant support creation of a cultural hub to serve as a community gathering place and includes a new fresh food market and space for artistic demonstrations, displays and performances celebrating cultural heritage and neighborhood unity.

National Program Office

DAISA Enterprises serves as the National Program Office for FreshLo. With expertise working at the nexus of food, health, economy and community, the DAISA team provides strategic guidance for the initiative, manages daily operations, supports strategic learning, and works with FreshLo partners to build capacity.  

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