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Michigan Interfaith Power & Light G-2109-291362

This program builds “solar solidarity” with BIPOC congregations by piloting a solar investment project at Lord of Lords Ministries in Detroit and creating a replicable model for solar panel installations on the facilities of other predominantly BIPOC congregations.

Family Assistance for Renaissance Men G-2109-291362

Family Assistance for Renaissance Men in collaboration with Detroit Association of Black Organizations, Inc. (DABO) and Pastor Horace Sheffield, will activate the former Ewald School for community purposes, including a training center for fathers, senior exercise rooms and youth recreational activities.

Virtual Dialysis Support Center G-2109-291362

The funds will be used to provide incentives for caregivers to participate in focus group activities, complete surveys and questionnaires, and submit short essays. Other supported activities include printing and material costs.

Green Living Science G-2109-291362

Green Living Science’s mission is to inspire youth, business, and community to imagine and create a more sustainable future through education and environmental advocacy. Our vision is to transform Detroit by teaching about waste and recycling while increasing environmental literacy.