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Next River G-2203-291805

This grant will support the creation of the “Our Freedom Project,” which will involve the Human Services team’s grantee partners and communities in developing new vehicles by which to develop positive narratives related to family dignity, economic security, equity and mobility. The effort will include the creation of content to…

Methodist Children’s Home Society G-2109-291436

This learning and exploratory grant provides support for the Methodist Children’s Home Society to explore ways to inform systems change by transforming a traditional residential service delivery foster care model and adopting a vision and pathway toward the well-being and economic mobility for children and families from one generation to…

Project Evident G-2110-291523

This grant will support the development and launch of the Center for Behavioral Design and Social Justice, a cross-disciplinary organization with expertise in expertise in evaluation, data and technology to do cutting edge research in behavioral science grounded in the voices of community residents and aimed at creating and implementing…

Southern California Grantmakers G-2111-291537

This grant will support the guaranteed income pilot project of the Southern California Grantmakers/LA County – the nation’s largest by size and length – with 1,000 people receiving $1,000 per month for three years.

Advancing Climate Resilience and Mitigation at Essential Hospitals

October 31, 2022

In a new report, Essential Hospitals Institute shares findings from the second phase of its climate resiliency research funded by The Kresge Foundation. The institute is the research, education, dissemination and leadership development arm of America’s Essential Hospitals. The report, Advancing Climate Resilience and Mitigation at Essential Hospitals, features projects from…

Advancing Climate Resilience and Mitigation at Essential Hospitals

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition G-2101-290231

This grant will help the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, a BIPOC-led community organization working to protect the lowest-lying area in Seattle from climate-induced urban flooding and displacement, advocate, provide technical assistance, and build public-private sector consensus for equitable implementation of planned city stormwater infrastructure projects, greenspace expansion, and affordable housing…

Emerald Cities Collaborative Inc. G-2108-291250

This grant will support a fund to award grants to frontline organizations to support their engagement in the design and implementation of policies and programs that encourage buildings to shift from fossil fuels to clean electricity.

Healthy Schools Campaign G-2201-291658

This grant supports the construction and educational programming for four new Chicago schoolyards, transforming them into safe, shared greenspace for learning, play, and environmental literacy while using green stormwater infrastructure to reduce flooding in low-income, flood-prone communities. It will solidify capital funding and governing agreements from city partners for future…

EcoAdapt G-2203-291799

This grant supports the 2022 National Adaptation Forum, which is the nation’s premier event for climate adaptation knowledge exchange.