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Driving Postsecondary Success with Impact Investing

This research by Avivar Capital, funded by The Kresge Foundation and Lumina Foundation, identifies capital barriers and maps opportunities to deploy various forms of capital – including mission-related and program-related investments –…

Education, Social Investment Practice

Hungry and Homeless in College

This report presents findings from the largest survey ever conducted of basic needs insecurity among college students. Completed by Wisconsin HOPE Lab in partnership with Association of Community College Trustees,…


Predictive Analytics in Higher Education

Without ethical practices, student data could be used to curtail academic success rather than help ensure it. For example, without a clear plan in place, an institution could use predictive…


Success is What Counts

Most often, large-scale institutional change work is viewed as an expert-driven process. Authentic community engagement, by contrast, involves substantive give and take with those outside the college who have an interest…


Ideas 42 Report: Nudging for Student Success

Ideas 42 issued a report in June 2016, sponsored in part by Kresge, that presented 16 case studies based on behavior science that show how stuble, sometimes hidden barriers can, over time,…


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