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Reshaping WIOA and Building a More Equitable Workforce System

A new report, “Reshaping WIOA and Building a More Equitable Workforce System,” delves into the complexities of workforce development policies, particularly focusing on the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and…

Human Services

Pathway Lending Case Study

In this short case study, learn how and why the Kresge Social Investment Practice made a $2.5 million program-related investment loan to Pathway Lending. This loan aims to allow Pathway to…

American Cities, Human Services, Social Investment Practice

Kresge Human Services Program Brochure

A summary of the Human Services Program, its approach and focus areas: Fostering the Next Generation of Human Services Organizations; Place-Based Opportunity Ecosystem; Developing Supportive, Aligned Public Policy; and Building a More Robust Human Services Field Updated…

Human Services

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