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Request for Proposals: Community Health Ecosystem landscape scan

American Cities, Health

The Kresge Foundation seeks a consultant to provide its American Cities and Health programs with a landscape scan of the current state of the community health ecosystem of Memphis, TN.

The foundation is interested in how local health ecosystems can contribute to safe, engaged and healthy communities, including ways for:

  • Shifting community power and ensuring health institutions are accountable, via community engagement and participatory decision making;
  • Supporting resilient health workforce pipelines and infrastructure; and
  • Expanding community-centered health programs.

The assessment should collate readily available and, if necessary, new information to identify and detail the existing assets of the Memphis community health ecosystem; overarching resident needs; current gaps/barriers in access to the needs and services that contribute to economic disparities and poor health outcomes in communities of color; and work currently being done to improve local health outcomes.

These elements are important to understand as they impact the overall health of the residents, and community health is more expansive than simply seeking health care in the traditional sense.

Applications are due by Friday, October 21, 2022. Kresge will make selections by November 18, 2022, with work to begin November 28, 2022.

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