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PolicyLink: Housing Justice Toolkit Outlines the Power of Narrative

Arts & Culture

“In order to shift the current culture and achieve housing for all, we must bring a narrative of housing justice to life. And each of us, through our unique lived experience, are storytellers with the ability to wield the power of narrative.” ~ PolicyLink

Housing is a basic need for people to thrive, and we need action to address existing inequities. The Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit from PolicyLink identifies narrative as our most powerful tool for housing justice. The toolkit helps readers reimagine housing for all at the local, state and federal levels through storytelling.

It also reminds us that in this moment, we have both the resources and the will to create a future in which every person has all of their basic needs met. As evidenced by the many housing policies that emerged during the global pandemic, Americans are not only actively hosting and partaking in a national conversation on housing, they are making real, meaningful change at a policy level.

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