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MIT CoLab Hub offers range of resources to transform long-term care system


Our communities need more equitable and affordable long-term care systems to better serve workers, consumers and family caregivers.

In the U.S., as more older adults and people with disabilities seek to live with independence, safety and dignity, the demand for care is continuing to rise. However, most Americans don’t have insurance coverage and can’t afford to pay out of pocket for long-term care — which includes home care and nursing care.

And while care work is critical to our economy and provides immeasurable value to clients, their families, loved ones and society, care jobs offer low wages, limited benefits, inconsistent hours, and a lack of respect and recognition. For a workforce of predominantly Black, Latina and Asian women who are often immigrants, this low job quality makes economic insecurity worse.

To help build a better system for everyone, MIT CoLab has designed a Resource Hub that offers insightful reports, state-specific data and strategies for those interested in transforming long-term care through sustainable worker-owned cooperatives and/or equitable financing models.

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