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Focus Area

Fostering the Next Generation of Nonprofit and Public Human Services Organizations

To foster the next generation of human services organizations, we seek to co-create and advance solutions that improve social and economic mobility with an applied racial equity lens. This focus area includes the national Next Generation (NextGen) initiative, as well as two city-based NextGen initiatives in Detroit and Memphis.

Through these initiatives, we identify cohorts of partners focused on person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven work that focuses on systems change and advances racial equity. Then we bring them together on a two-year learning journey to further improve their leadership development, create a community of practice, and initiate action plans that accelerate social and economic mobility for children and families.

This learning component is intended to help members of the cohort progress along the Human Services Value Curve; improve their ability to achieve new levels of outcomes and value; better integrate a two-generation approach; make data-informed decisions; take steps to advance racial equity in order to accelerate social and economic mobility; and drive large-scale person-centered systems change. These efforts are aligned with our North Star of advancing the social and economic mobility of families living with low incomes in American cities.

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