Expanding opportunities in America’s cities

Current Funding Opportunities

We welcome new partners to work with us to achieve our goal of expanding opportunities in America’s cities.

A note to potential and current grantees

Please be advised that individuals have been fraudulently posing online and by telephone as “representatives” of The Kresge Foundation. These individuals are using the foundation’s name without authorization and have contacted potential and existing grantees to suggest that funds are forthcoming if personal identification and financial information are provided. These messages are fraudulent. Please note that the foundation never charges a fee or asks for personal information in connection with grants.  We only ask for financial information of our grantees once a grant has been approved and vetted by Foundation staff - never to start the grant process. If you are contacted by someone posing as a Kresge employee and the communication appears suspicious, please report it to the foundation at: media@kresge.org. More information about this scam can be found here.  


All current, open funding opportunities are listed on this page

Our programs have established specific objectives to advance programmatic goals. These objectives are called focus areas. They are described in detail in the Programs section of this website. It is through focus areas that grant opportunities are made available to grantseekers.

Funding opportunities take three forms:

  • Open on an ongoing basis, without deadlines.
  • Open for a limited time, with specific deadlines.
  • By invitation from a Kresge program officer.­­­

We post grant and social investment opportunities here and announce them on the front page of our website as Program Updates. You also may be notified of these opportunities by subscribing to email alerts or by following @kresgefdn on Twitter.


Available Opportunities

Place-Based Opportunity Ecosystems

Local place-based opportunity ecosystems – comprising mutually reinforcing public and nonprofit organizations working across systems – hold enormous promise in advancing social and economic mobility in America's cities.

We define opportunity ecosystems as systems-work within communities that are strategic, action-oriented, dynamic and enduring environment formed by people and partners, aligned by a shared purpose and set of values that supports the advancement and acceleration of social and economic mobility for children, youth and families.

With this work, we seek to promote collaborations across sectors and integrating service delivery, community engagement and economic development at local levels.

To determine an ecosystem's strength and sophistication, Kresge and the American Public Human Service Association have developed an ecosystem readiness tool that measures six readiness factors (such as governance structure, leadership, and strategic financing) against the Human Service Value Curve (HSVC).

We invest at all levels of the curve, with the intention that ecosystems will advance over time and provide lessons to other ecosystems around the country.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, September 30, 2019

Developing Supportive, Aligned Public Policy

To provide greater pathways to social and economic mobility, we work with local, state and national partners across sectors to address structural barriers and advance policy solutions that move people out of poverty and toward intergenerational cycles of success.

We seek to invest in efforts that:

  • Strengthen the functioning of existing human services public programs, systems and financing in ways that enable and accelerate greater social and economic mobility.
  • Integrate racial equity and inclusion as key enablers of advancing social and economic mobility.
  • Strengthen the functioning of existing programs, systems and financing in adjacent sectors (housing, early childhood education, workforce, etc.) vital to increasing social and economic mobility using a racial equity lens.
  • Advance policies that improve workforce development and education and training, support meaningful career pathways, asset building and financial services.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, September 30, 2019.  

Building a More Robust Human Services Field

We support a range of activities that advance the field toward using evidence-based best practices and policies that help children and families achieve social and economic mobility.

We welcome proposals from organizations that:

  • Focus on advancing and accelerating social and economic mobility.
  • Offer innovative and effective approaches that can provide lessons for the field.
  • Have a clear strategic vision and are able to articulate what works and why.
  • Have shared and adaptive leadership.
  • Recognize racial equity as a significant barrier to social and economic mobility and have an explicit focus to address this reality.
  • Are intensely person-centered in their approach and utilize best practices (brain science informed, two-generation, whole-family, trauma-informed approaches, etc.)
  • Are outcomes focused and data driven.
  • Measure organizational and programmatic efforts against the Human Service Value Curve.
  • Are committed to person-centered, co-created and power sharing systems change that addresses structural barriers through policy solutions; are positioned to inform and influence communities of practice; and build the public will for supportive public policies.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, September 30, 2019.