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Statement from Kresge Foundation CEO and President Rip Rapson on expanded public charge regulations

From the President

The Kresge Foundation raises its voice against the Trump administration’s expansion of public charge rules – which represent the most radical changes to our nation’s immigration policy in a generation. We object to this latest set of extreme immigration policy measures, which are consciously designed to prevent lower-income immigrants from obtaining permanent legal resident status.

As we’ve previously stated, we believe this administrative action will have dire consequences for many immigrants and is completely contrary to American ideals and values.

The expansion of public charge rules as a determining factor in granting an immigrant a green card would, for the first time in our nation’s history, make a specific income threshold a central issue in immigration decisions. It is our view that this rule change is unjust to those who are taking the right steps to become legal residents and citizens. We worry that the net result of this policy will have a chilling effect on the enrollment and use of essential public programs for eligible legal residents and their families.

The Kresge Foundation stands firmly against the intent and the effects of these proposed changes. And we also stand alongside our grantees – including the National Immigration Law Center – who are filing lawsuits to stop these harmful policies from being implemented.

Immigration has always been a source of strength and vitality for the United States.  Restricting the pathway to residency and citizenship only to the well-off will not only harm millions of people, it runs counter to long-term American interests and values.