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Reasons For Hope

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#ReasonsForHope Philanthropy Ad
Discord and Despair in America

It is a difficult time for us right now in America. As we struggle with the discord and despair brought by recent violence across the country, we are left with questions. How we will find a way to move forward from this time of crisis? How can we better relations between communities and law enforcement?

What is being done to foster more dialogue about racial justice?

The Kresge Foundation, led by President and CEO Rip Rapson, is proud to join philanthropic leaders in a national campaign that highlights America’s reasons for hope. The campaign, which has had huge success on social media and in newspapers, has helped open up a conversation with America that many are using as an opportunity to facilitate the healing process within our communities.

Building Bridges

We are proud to help courageous leaders build bridges, neighbor to neighbor, community by community. Watch this inspirational video and browse through our slideshow to get a better sense of the impact of the campaign. We encourage you to join the conversation and share your #ReasonsForHope using your favorite social media channels.

Every American generation must face defining moments. We are facing one now. In the face of crisis, America must create more bridges and fewer divisions in order to create a path forward. What gives you #ReasonsForHope? Share with us moments in your communities that remind us that there is a path forward.
Today, our nation needs more bridges of dialogue and fewer barriers of division In the wake of violence against communities and the police across America, we face a defining moment in our generation. And we draw hope from the work of our grantees. What gives you#ReasonsForHope? Share with us moments in your communities helping create a path forward.
With every crisis in America’s history, we have found a path toward our ideals of dignity, equality, and justice. At the crossroads of crisis, we must create more bridges than division. Share moments in your communities that give you #ReasonsForHope for a path forward.
In the face of crisis, the remarkable organizations we support give us all countless reasons for hope. We thank all of our grantees who are creating more bridges than division in the face of violence in our communities. You give us #ReasonsForHope.