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Rapson: Restoring decency and respect for norms is essential in 2021

From the President

It is incomprehensible – but true – that the disgraceful and treasonous attack on our nation’s Capitol yesterday was instigated by the President of the United States.

But Congress’ resolve to return to their ransacked chamber floors last night to fulfill their Constitutional obligation by certifying the election result illustrates the wisdom of the balance and separation of power structure that our founders constructed.

It also illustrates the degree of decency and respect for norms that we must restore going forward as we inaugurate in 13 days a new administration that has promised a regard for all people.

The challenges ahead are monumental: a still-raging pandemic, an economy in shambles, an agenda of social justice, equity and opportunity to be reinvigorated.

The Kresge Foundation is committed to meet this moment and work toward those causes in 2021 and beyond, as we have in years past. That we will be standing with you – our partners and allies – give us strength.