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PHEARLESS leaders deepen collaboration, connections as they work to advance health equity


Sixty PHEARLESS public health and community leaders from cities across the country gathered in New Mexico in November to share best practices, and learn strategies to continue facilitating the emergence and sustainability of leaders who serve the well-being of all.

The PHEARLESS initiative integrates regenerative leadership education and experiential learning with innovative collaborative tools that will help public health and community leaders build the skills they need to co-create sustainable solutions that advance health equity and well-being for all.

As a holistic, strengths-based and adaptive approach to leadership, regenerative leadership focuses on creating positive change and restoring balance in complex living systems. By creating positive relationships and nurturing the interconnected elements within a system, regenerative leaders aim to generate outcomes that benefit everyone.

At November’s event, sessions focused on topics such as inclusive negotiation, where participants learned about the context and channels and guiding principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as how to leverage negotiation skills to achieve inclusive outcomes.

Speakers included:

  • Jennifer Nez Denetdale, professor and chair of American Studies, University of New Mexico
  • Triparna de Vreede, associate director, School of Information Systems and Management, University of South Florida
  • GJ de Vreede, professor and interim dean, Muma College of Business, University of South Florida
  • D Granke, director, fight director, intimacy director and theatre movement specialist
  • Nicole Piggott, co-founder, Synclusiv and chief operations officer at Women in Governance

To learn more, watch the two video recaps featuring graphic recordings from Day 1 and Day 2-3.