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Onward: CCHE grantees reflect on 2020 challenges, look ahead to new opportunities

Environment, Health

Last year was full of challenges, both anticipated and unexpected for grantees in The Kresge Foundation’s Climate Change, Health and Equity initiative, particularly those who are engaged in work at the community level to address equity and health challenges exacerbated by climate change. 2020 vividly demonstrated not only the clear and inextricable links between climate change, health, and equity, but also the unwavering resilience of grantee partners during a difficult and uncertain time. 

In this series of featured vignettes, four grantee partners share in their own words what they were able to accomplish in 2020 and what keeps them inspired as they continue onward with their work in 2021. Learn more about Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation; Environmental Health Coalition; Homewood Children’s Village and the Green Building Alliance; and the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts/Live Well Springfield.