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New resources from Nemours Integrator Learning Lab provide insights, action tools for population health networks


Bilal Taylor

Bilal Taylor

As part of its Exploring the Roles & Functions of Health Systems within Population Health Integrator Networks initiative funded by The Kresge Foundation, Nemours Children’s Health System recently released a collection of resources from its 2020 Integrator Learning Lab, including findings and recommendations, tools for action and videos featuring reflections and insights from network leaders.

The collection includes:

Content Dashboard – An at-a-glance summary of content published over the course of the project.

Network Profiles and Achievements – Overview of networks in Nemours 2020 Integrator Learning Lab, including goals and achievements.

“Take Two” series – Reflections and advice from leaders of population health networks affiliated with Nemours’ 2020 Integrator Learning Lab. Topics include Forming Integrative Networks; Re-Invigorating Integrative Networks; Planning for Network Sustainability; and Deepening Community Engagement.

“Voices from the Field” video collection – A collection of short videos featuring insights from members of the Nemours Integrator Learning Lab, including: Advice on Being a Strong Network Partner; Tools & Strategies to Accelerate Network Partners; Strategies for Putting Health Equity Into Action; and Creating a Culture of Learning in Your Network.

The Engine of Population Health Networks: Understanding & Using Integrative Activities – A paper that shares the cumulative learnings from the project.

Essential Integrative Activities within Cross-Sector Population Health Networks: An Organizing Framework – A standalone version of Nemours’ updated framework of integrative activities.

Collection of Tools & Resources: 2020 Integrator Learning Lab – A stand-alone version of the compendium of tools and resources used as part of technical assistance.

To explore the full collection, click here.

Launched in October 2018, Nemours’ Exploring the Roles & Functions of Health Systems within Population Health Integrator Networks initiative focused on understanding how health care institutions and their partners share responsibility for integrative activities, which are the governance, oversight, and administrative functions that enable population health networks to carry out tasks and strategies related to the network’s shared population health goals.

In the first phase, the team scanned the field to understand the state of knowledge of multi-sector networks for population health. The team interviewed more than 40 researchers and practitioners who were participating in these partnerships across the United States to understand the opportunities and challenges that exist for forming and sustaining these networks.

In the second phase, Nemours conducted its 2020 Integrator Learning Lab, a learning and action collaborative in which multi-sector teams, including health care organizations, working on shared population health goals had an opportunity to receive self-directed resources, coaching and technical assistance.

The 2020 Lab focused on strengthening the use of integrative roles and functions within cross-sector networks to strengthen and sustain work toward the shared population health goals of each network. The Lab provided an opportunity to test how the lessons from the first phase of the project could be applied in a real-world context.

Within the Lab, work focused on developing strategies for centering racial and health equity in network decision-making; establishing equitable, distributed leadership within networks; using data to promote population-level solutions; and making the case to residents, partners and funders for sustaining networks over the long-term.

Since the close of the Lab, the Nemours team has been working with its network and faculty partners to elevate lessons from their time together with the field. Through its newly released suite of videos, tools, and documents, Nemours seeks to provide actionable strategies for cross-sector networks across the country that are looking to advance health equity and improve overall population health.

For more information, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Bilal Taylor at [email protected].