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Magazine highlights social justice work supported by Arts & Culture Program

Arts & Culture

Social justice work supported by Kresge’s Arts & Culture program was lauded in a recent article published by a Barron’s magazine, titled “5 Key Areas Where Philanthropy is Providing a Path for a Better Tomorrow.”

Penta Magazine story on ways philanthropy is making an impact

The story in Penta Magazine highlighted work of the city of Minneapolis, funded by Kresge and ArtPlace America. Penta is the glossy, quarterly publication of Barron’s – the Dow Jones & Co. weekly.

Specifically, the article lauded Hearing Tenant Voices, a city program using artists to engage low-income residents on a range of issues. A recent housing inspectors workshop – used as an example in the piece – recruited artist “actors” to play to roles of tenants. The artists helped the inspectors model approaches and behaviors that can help reduce stress and tension when discussing code violations with homeowners and renters.

Regina R. Smith, managing director of Kresge’s Arts & Culture Program, was quoted in the story, noting that people often expect indifference from municipal officials. Interventions like the housing workshop help change that narrative.

“Adding a layer of creativity to the process actually makes the city more relatable and contributes to buy-in from residents, and residents can see their ideas come through,” Smith said in the article.

Kresge and ArtPlace’s work with Minneapolis is part of both organizations’ larger focus on Creative Placemaking, the integration of arts, culture and community-engaged design into community revitalization.