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Kresge president discusses findings from Center for Effective Philanthropy’s grantee perception report

General Foundation News

A recent Center for Effective Philanthropy report finds nonprofit organizations much more positive about The Kresge Foundation than a few years ago.

The Center for Effective Philanthropy’s Grantee Perception Report ranked The Kresge Foundation higher in understanding of fields, communities, and organizations; clarity of written guidelines and program goals; and ability to enhance the capacity of organizations than in 2007, the last time the perceptions were measured.

Overall, Kresge’s ranking was “higher than typical” of the other foundations CEP surveys, Kresge President and CEO Rip Rapson notes in a new President’s Corner message. The CEP survey period was 2010 and first quarter 2011.

Importantly, nonprofits appreciated Kresge’s effort to meet grantees at their point of need by providing flexible funding, and trusting that they know best how to serve their local communities or constituencies.

The report also pointed out less than satisfactory areas, including responsiveness to grantees.

Kresge is committed to improving on that essential dimension, Rapson says.

Read Rapson’s message, “Center for Effective Philanthropy surveys Kresge grantees to assess the foundation’s overall effectiveness; identify areas for future improvement.”