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Kresge Foundation Announces New Grantmaking Strategies To Address Climate Change And Its Impacts

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TROY, MICHIGAN – The Kresge Foundation has announced new grantmaking strategies aimed at assisting society in mitigating the severity of climate change and proactively addressing its unavoidable impacts. Climate change is considered to be one of the most serious challenges facing the planet and its people.

To implement Kresge’s multifaceted climate-change mitigation and adaptation strategy, the Environment Program is focusing its grantmaking in the following four areas:

Energy Efficiency – reducing the energy use of buildings as well as the equipment, appliances, and electronics used within them through public-policy development and implementation, bringing retrofits to scale, and advancing the next generation of energy-efficiency practices.

Renewable Energy – accelerating the adoption of renewable-energy technologies through public-policy development and implementation.

Adaptation to Climate Change – addressing the impacts of climate change on people and nature by helping to build the field of climate-change adaptation, supporting place-based adaptation efforts, and assisting in the development of climate-wise federal and state policies and practices.

Special Initiatives – bolstering the political will to move aggressively toward an environmentally sustainable future and reforming important climate-relevant policies.

Geographically, the foundation has chosen to concentrate its Environment Program grantmaking in the United States, with limited grantmaking in Canada. Grantmaking decisions are guided by Kresge’s values criteria, particularly the values of environmental conservation, innovation, collaboration, creating opportunity, and diversity.

To learn more about the grant opportunities in each area, the eligibility criteria, and the application process, please visit the Environment Program section of the Kresge Web site.

If you have questions, call 248-643-9630.