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Issue brief explores health care’s role in multi-sector networks for population health


MHCU Moving Healthcare Upstream
As part of a two-year project exploring how health care organizations acting as integrators can join, catalyze and sustain cross-sector networks working on shared population health goals, Nemours Children’s Health System has released an issue brief, “Preliminary Findings on the Role of Health Care in Multi-Sector Networks for Population Health: Notes from the Field,” with support from The Kresge Foundation.

The issue brief flows from the first wave of work within the two-year project: A literature scan and interviews with 40 national experts who have insights related to integrative roles and functions within multi-sector population health networks, as well as the ways health care is involved in carrying out these roles and functions in support of networks’ shared goals.

The themes from the interviews and literature scan include:

  • Findings: What early lessons can be learned from the 40 interviews with field leaders?
  • Focus on Success: What communities can we look to for work that illustrates findings presented in this brief?
  • Recommendations: What are the implications of these learnings for the field?

To download the issue brief, click here.

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