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Greenlink Equity Map provides data resources to build equitable climate solutions


Over 100 cities across the U.S. have expressed a strong need for accurate equity data to inform climate and sustainability strategies, according to Greenlink Analytics. A major challenge faced by these communities is how to create climate policy solutions while prioritizing social equity.

Greenlink Analytics and Upright Consulting Services partnered to launch the Greenlink Equity Map (GEM) and Process Guide. These online tools were created to help residents, community organizations, city leaders and policymakers use equity data to build stronger city-community partnerships and design climate solutions.

Twenty-five cities are already using the equity maps. On Oct. 21, an additional 25 cities joined the GEM platform.

The Greenlink Equity Map and Process Guide were developed with support from The Kresge Foundation, Energy Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ American Cities Climate Challenge (ACCC).

What is the Greenlink Equity Mapping Platform?
GEM is an online map designed to help cities visualize equity-related issues and how burdens are spread across neighborhoods. As cities work to incorporate social equity into climate policy and programs, many of them have found that accessing equity data has been a major challenge. The GEM platform provides 20 equity indicators to choose from at a neighborhood/census tract level to assist cities in understanding the current situation of their communities, providing critical data resources to build strong city-community partnerships, and building more equitable climate solutions. Learn more about the equity map.

What is the GEM Process Guide?
The GEM Process Guide for City-Community Partnerships details emerging best practices and guidance for working in partnership with community organizations to develop a shared analysis of equity data and maps. The Process Guide, by lead author and expert facilitator Rosa Gonzalez (Facilitating Power), was created specifically for city staff working towards deepening collaboration with the communities they serve. Download the guide.

A GEM Platform and Process Guide Training will be held on October 22 at 2 p.m. ET. Join the virtual demo via this Zoom link.