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EVOLVE framework provides model for integration of health and human services

Health, Human Services

Across the United States and around the world, many organizations are attempting to integrate once siloed health and human services and systems due to the many benefits integration provides.

However, many integration efforts have stalled – and some have failed – because the work is long and challenging, and partners don’t always reflect on the steps and procedures essential for successful integration.

Although integration efforts across the country provide rich examples and lessons learned, it is helpful to have a framework that describes key steps for integration and guides stakeholders as they embark on, or return to, this complex process.

With support from The Kresge Foundation, The Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) has developed an integration framework called EVOLVE – a thought model for the integration of health and human services.

Recently published in the American Public Human Services Association’s Policy and Practice Magazine, the EVOLVE integration framework highlights the importance of Environment, Values, Opportunity, Leadership, Validation and Engagement. It describes key factors to consider in the development of a well-functioning, sustainable and integrated health and human services system.

The model is flexible and fluid and can be applied to all levels of planning, from design through implementation.

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