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Define American launches a guide for supporting immigrant, migrant and undocumented artists

Arts & Culture

Interest in the stories of immigrants, migrants and undocumented individuals continues to grow in the U.S. arts and media landscape. Unfortunately, artist support organizations have often overlooked the needs of artists and storytellers from these communities.

Immigrant artists, especially those who are undocumented, have far less access to both paid and unpaid fellowships, residencies and project funding due to outdated eligibility requirements.

Leading with the multi-dimensional voices of immigrants, migrants, undocumented artists and creators, Define American, a narrative change organization, has released a new report titled Creativity is Boundless: An Inclusive Guide for Supporting Immigrant, Migrant, and Undocumented Artists with Fellowships, Grants, and Residencies.

This cultural campaign pushes past traditional funding eligibility requirements to center more inclusive fellowships, grants and residencies that can and should be more accessible to all.

The report contends that it is reductive to allow current immigration status to determine an artist’s eligibility for financial support.

“Storytellers inform our perspectives and have the power to create meaningful change through art,” said Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of Define American. “More than ever, we need storytellers from immigrant backgrounds to do just that.”

Creativity is Boundless is a call to action for arts’ funders and program managers of fellowships, residencies and grant programs to support all artists, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

Download the report to help grow momentum and collaboration toward systemic change in how arts funders and supporters include and value all artists.

Creativity is Boundless: An Inclusive Guide The new Inclusive Guide is a roadmap for artist support organizations and grantmaking programs to make fellowships, grants, and residency programs more accessible to all, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.