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CCHE convening centers power of communities to shift climate policy and practice

Environment, Health

Work centering racial justice and the human health impacts of climate change is critically important in ensuring that cities around the country accelerate implementation of climate mitigation and climate adaptation policies and investments that benefit everyone.

That was the message delivered at the 2023 Climate Change, Health & Equity convening, Centering Racial Justice and Health Equity: The Power of Communities to Shift Climate Policy and Practice,” held April 17-19, 2023 in San Diego, California.

“The theme speaks to the unprecedented times we are in and the unwavering need to amplify community-driven solutions to complex climate challenges. We know that the solutions to these challenges exist within communities who are working diligently to drive policy and action. We also know that our work is interconnected, with real change happening when we find ways to collaborate and work alongside other sectors to ensure we advance community-driven solutions,” Kresge Environment Program Senior Program Officer Shamar Bibbins said.

Sessions focused on the importance of having a political strategy to advance climate and health equity; how to build partnerships to advance climate justice at the state and local level; and what metrics can help inform policy strategy. Partners also elevated how storytelling is a powerful tool to advance strategy and showcased several techniques and tools to advance effective storytelling as a part of policy advocacy efforts.

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