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Downtown Detroit Partnership Inc.

Detroit, Michigan



This grant will provide support for the 2019 Detroit Homecoming, an annual event to re-engage and encourage prominent former Detroiters to invest in the redevelopment of Detroit and foster job creation. The Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) is serving as a partner and fiscal sponsor for the event. Kresge was a founding partner of Detroit Homecoming and has supported its efforts to: 1) reconnect and reacquaint former Detroiters with new development and initiatives to improve the city’s quality of life; 2) introduce former Detroiters with civic leaders; and 3) catalyze new community investments. The theme for Detroit Homecoming VI is “Detroit Tomorrow/Today” which will enable the organizers and attendees to examine and discuss Detroit’s current transformation and where the city stands in meeting future possibilities. Interwoven throughout the program will be the sub-theme of rebuilding Detroit’s black middle class as highlighted in The Detroit Future City report.