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Focus Area

Strengthen the Equitable Creative Placemaking Field

We work to advance a field of Creative Placemaking leaders, practices and principles committed to equity and inclusion.

The Creative Placemaking field continues to evolve. In this focus area, we seek to promote practices and practitioners that advance the elements of a strong field as defined by the Bridgespan Group. Specifically, we support practitioners of color and an intermediary infrastructure committed to equity and just practices.

In this focus area we work to:

  • Support the stewardship of the equitable Creative Placemaking field.
  • Invest in the next generation of Creative Placemaking leaders of color.

Our Approach

We work to address current and long-term needs to build the equitable Creative Placemaking field and to realize its transformative potential. Our contribution to a coordinated effort focuses on working philanthropic partners and disseminating strategies that elevate equitable outcomes to support the next generation Creative Placemaking leaders of color.