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Requests for Proposals

About The Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation was founded in 1924 to promote human progress. Today, Kresge fulfills that mission by building and strengthening pathways to opportunity for low-income people in America’s cities, seeking to dismantle structural and systemic barriers to equality and justice. Using a full array of grant, loan, and other investment tools, Kresge invests more than $160 million annually to foster economic and social change. For more information visit kresge.org.

About Kresge Arts in Detroit

Kresge Arts in Detroit (KAID) is funded by The Kresge Foundation and administered by the College for Creative Studies. Kresge Arts in Detroit works to enrich the quality of life for metropolitan Detroiters by helping artists provide a broad spectrum of cultural experiences; celebrate and reflect the richness and diversity of our community in all its aspects; heighten the profile of arts and artists in our community; and strengthen the artistic careers of local artists. Since 2008, Kresge Arts in Detroit has awarded more than $5 million through 10 Kresge Eminent Artist awards ($50,000 each), 180 Kresge Artist fellowships ($25,000 each), and 10 Gilda Awards ($5,000 each). For more information visit kresgeartsindetroit.org.

About the Eminent Artist Monograph

Since 2008, The Kresge Foundation has honored an exceptional artist living and working in metropolitan Detroit on the basis of their body of work, contribution to their art form and demonstrated commitment to the Detroit cultural community. The Eminent Artist Award, which includes an unrestricted $50,000 prize, acknowledges artistic innovation and rewards integrity, depth of vision and singularity of purpose as judged by the Kresge Eminent Artist Advisory Panel.

Each year, Kresge’s External Affairs & Communications team (“Kresge Communications”) commissions production of a monograph honoring the Eminent Artist’s life and work. Rather than a monograph in the academic sense, this 70-90-page book is aimed at an audience interested in the arts but not necessarily steeped in the awardee’s background and/or the awardee’s genre(s). The monograph must serve as an introduction to both the artist and their art forms, while being of interest to more knowledgeable readers.

Past monographs can be viewed at www.tinyurl.com/KFmonographs. Future monographs are expected to meet or exceed the high standards set by the first 10 years of these publications.

Description of work

All past monographs have been anchored by a combined biography and career overview. This has been followed by one or more broad pieces about the artistic tradition and context of the Eminent Artist’s contributions, with additional pieces focusing on various aspects of the Eminent Artist’s work and career. Kresge does not rule out considering other organizational structures to cover the same content. Regardless of the structure, that this is a metropolitan Detroit award is a key consideration: the monograph is expected to show the Eminent Artist’s relation to their cultural community.

The monograph must also include:

  • An introduction from The Kresge Foundation President and CEO (provided by Kresge)
  • An Eminent Artist statement (which may be written with the help of the Editorial/Creative Director)
  • A “biography” cataloging education, professional activities, workshops and residencies, awards, and, where relevant, a discography, bibliography, lists of exhibitions, installations, major performances, etc.
  • Additional features including statements from the College for Creative Studies president, director of the Kresge Arts in Detroit office, and from various individuals related to KAID and the Eminent Artist’s career.

The Editorial/Creative Director typically writes the lead biography/career survey and a
substantial amount of the remainder of the book, supplementing his or her writing by
commissioning additional original pieces and surveying existing writings for additional pieces
that will complete the portrayal.

The Editorial/Creative Director simultaneously supervises and works closely with the Art
Director/Graphic Designer to assure that the visuals amply support the narrative, and that
design harmonizes text and visuals in a statement about the Eminent Artist and their work.

The Editorial/Creative Director also:

  • Works within a prescribed budget.
  • Negotiates rights for both the original and anthologized pieces on behalf of the foundation.
  • Line edits and assures overall accuracy of all content, which is to be delivered to Kresge substantially ready for publication following style guidelines supplied by Kresge. (Kresge will do final copy editing and proofing, but does not, for instance, fact check content.)
  • Assists the design director in the identification of photographs, memorabilia and other visual elements for inclusion in the monograph.
  • Works with design director to write or otherwise ensure quality and accuracy of all captions and the compiled photo credits.
  • Participate in weekly or bi-weekly project update phone meetings with Kresge Communications team.
  • Ability to work closely with Kresge Communications team throughout the process. The project will begin in late January and is to be published and printed by late May. The book is created in close consultation with the Kresge Communications team and the Eminent Artist. The editorial relationship with the Eminent Artist makes this essentially an authorized, official biography to reflect positively on the Eminent Artist and the foundation.

General Requirements

  • Strong writer/editor with experience writing for a general audience on multiple art forms and with a deep knowledge of Detroit and its cultural history. Editorial/Creative Director 3
  • Editorial project-management skills to develop (with Kresge) and adhere to a production schedule with interim deliverables and weekly or biweekly in-person or phone meetings with Kresge. Able and willing to nurture a relationship with and win the confidence of the Eminent Artist, with whom the Editorial/Creative Director will spend substantial time.

Other Expectations

  • The Editorial/Creative Director is expected to attend the Kresge Arts in Detroit reception event at which the Eminent Artist is officially recognized and presented with their award (early spring).
  • The Editorial/Creative Director is also expected to attend the public release of the monograph event (late summer/early fall).


Eminent Artist monograph original and curated editorial content and photo captions


Editorial/Creative Director will be compensated $25,000.00 for successful, on-time completion of monograph.
Fees for Art Director/Graphic Designer and all printing costs will be paid directly by the foundation.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Kresge will evaluate all proposals based on the following criteria and will seek to follow up with potential candidates by November 9, 2018. To ensure consideration, proposals should include the following:

  • Overall suitability: proposed solution(s) must meet the scope and needs included herein and be presented in a clear and organized manner
  • Experience: Previous work: Bidders will be evaluated on examples of their work pertaining to relevant projects.
  • Technical expertise and experience: Bidders will be evaluated on their experience as it pertains to the scope of this project. Bidders must provide a resume and links/references to any relevant printed or published works and/or applicant’s online portfolio.


Interested bidders should submit a proposal electronically as a PDF by October 26, 2018 at 5pm ET to jabagley@kresge.org.

Additional questions about the project may be directed to jabagley@kresge.org before October 25, 2018. Please include “EA Editorial/Creative” in the subject line.