Arts & Culture

Artists’ skills and resources

This focus area closed after our Arts and Culture team integrated its grantmaking framework under the concept of ‘creative placemaking’ in late 2012.

Artists are the wellspring from which all art flows and are fundamental to healthy, vibrant communities and cultural systems. With the right conditions, artists can be creative resources in efforts to build and revitalize communities.

Focus Area Overview

We believe community transformation would be more widespread if more communities embraced artists as important contributors to the identity, vitality and cohesion of the places where they live.

We aim to foster these conditions through support for leading practitioners and field-building efforts to increase live-and-work spaces for artists.


Nonprofits that are 501(C)(3) organizations and public agencies based in the United States, and not classified as private foundations, are eligible to apply.

Application Process

Our most recent application period closed Feb. 1, 2012. This grant opportunity may be modified in the future. Please watch for program updates.

An application has two parts:

  1. Part 1, the preliminary application, contains a data-entry component and several attachments, including a narrative.
  2. If a program officer determines your request is favorable, he or she will ask you to provide additional information. This will constitute Part 2 of the application process.

Within 10 weeks of the Part 1 submission you will be contacted. We invite those with promising requests to complete the second part of the application process.

Final grant amount decisions will be made after review of the two-part application and conversations with the potential grantee.